Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Software

Simple to Use Easy to Implement Flexible to Customized Solution

MARG Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Software is designed to handle all the needs in most efficient, effective & accurate way. MARG Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Software was launched in the market during 2000.

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Software

Indian Comp Tech an ISO 9001:2008 certified software is the most demanded & award winning software of "Pharmaceutical Industry". Indian Comp Tech is Simple to use, Easy to implement, Flexible to customize and complete solution for the unique business processes and needs of the Pharmaceutical Manufacturing units as per WHO-GMP & Schedule-"M"

Indian Comp Tech Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Software is designed to handle all the needs in most efficient, effective & accurate way. Indian Comp Tech Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Software was launched in the market during 2000. Since then Indian Comp Tech is committed to provide the best supporting system for the Pharmaceutical Business upgrading itself from time to time according to the market needs. As a result of tireless teamwork, Indian Comp Tech software achieved the clientele of over 6 Lakh Indian Comp Tech Users in different trades with the help of 370+ Sales/Support centre's in India. The incomparable After Sales Service and Training Support is the key behind its success.

  • Entry Level
    • Purchase Requirement Sheet as per Production Planning
    • Purchase Order & P.O. Management
    • Goods Receipt Note
    • Under Testing Slip
    • Inward Register
    • Ledger & Outstanding of Suppliers
  • Quality Control Department
    • Pharmacopoeia Master
    • Testing Requisition Slip to Q.C.
    • Testing Requisition Slip to Outside Agency.
    • Record of Analysis of RM/PM.
    • Certificate of Analysis RM/PM.
    • Release order RM/PM.
    • Rejection order RM/PM.
    • Approved / Rejection Slip.
    • Sample Register of RM/PM.
    • Stock Register as per Schedule -U.
    • Re-testing and its records
  • Production
    • Manufacturing Formula Record
    • RM/PM Requisition slip to issue RM/PM as per Master Formulation (For Action RM it calculate the Qty. as per claim, its assay as well overages).
    • Formulation (it calculates the qty. as per Batch size, its assay as well as overages. Advised batch size on before exp., Under-testing, re-testing & hold stock.)
    • Feature of issue extra material for the same batch and return of material.
    • Production Register
    • Tag/Slip of all issued material with complete details.
    • BMR/BPR (as per who GMP)
    • Testing Requisition Slip for testing bulk /finish.
    • Yield Statement.
  • Stock & Inventory Reports
    • A.R. Wise Stock Register of RM/PM.
    • B. No. Wise Stock of Finished Goods.
    • Stock Valuation of RM/PM, untesting Stock /under process Stock
    • Stock Status as on any date.
    • Stock Register as per Schedule-U
    • Re-tested/Mfd. /Exp. dated stock
    • Separate Store for Rejected stock
    • Minimum/Maximum level stock
    • Negative, Dump & Hold Stock
    • Production Planning of Finished Goods on Sales & Minimum basis
    • Sales & Receipt/Issue Analysis
    • ABC Analysis, Bank Statement & Summaries
  • Finished Goods Quality Control
    • Protocol Master
    • Record of Analysis of Bulk/Intermediate/Finish
    • Certificate of Analysis of Bulk/Intermediate/Finish
    • Release order for Bulk/Intermediate/Finish
    • Rejection order for Bulk/Intermediate/Finish
    • Sample Register
    • Control Sample Register
    • Testing process
    • Micro Biology Testing
    • Moisture Contents
    • Sterility Controls
    • Quality Audit Record
    • Calibration Records
  • Billing & Its Records
    • Sales Order & S.O. Management
    • Challan/Packing Slips
    • Excise Gate Pass & Trade Invoice
    • E-mail Softcopy of Invoice to Buyer for Purchase import
    • Cover Note
    • Bank Letter
    • Export Invoice & Packing Slips
    • Reminder Letter for Sales Tax Forms
    • Reminder Letter for Payment
    • Excise Record RG-1, ER-1, PLA, RG-23 Part II
    • Provision for multiple Discounts, Scheme & Govt. Levies
    • SMS of Invoice Detail, Payment Confirmation, New Product
    • launch, Outstanding Seasonal Greetings, etc.
  • Data Entries
    • Payment / Receipt / Journal / Debit & Credit Note / Contra / Sale / Purchase / Memorandum /P.D Cheque / Return / Replacements / Purchase Order / Sales Order / Price Difference Dr. / Cr. Note, Indent, Quotation
  • Financial Accounting
    • Ledgers/Cash/Bank Books on Tips
    • Monthly summaries of Ledgers & Groups
    • Bank/Ledger Reconciliation & Interest Calculation
    • Voucher, Cheque, Dr/Cr Note & Payment Advice Printing
    • Bank Letter (Per Bank bills).
    • Reminders for Collection, A/c conformation, Bank, S.T. Form
    • CMS/Purchase Cheques & Funds/Bank Planning
    • Trial Balance/Trading/P & L Account/Balance Sheet on Tips
    • Ledger/Group Analysis & Comparisons
    • Cash Flow, Fund Flow & Ratio Analysis
    • Budget Analysis (Ledger/Group)
    • Overdues (Receivable & Payable) Party/M.R./Route/HQT.
    • Selected Bills Outstanding and Printing with tagging facility
    • IT-ST-Auditor's Reports
  • Excise Reports / Registers
    • ER-1
    • Form RG-1 ( Daily Stock Status )
    • Stock Register
    • Sales Book with Excise details
    • RG23A Part-I
    • RG23A Part-II
    • RG23C Part-I
    • RG23C Part-II
    • Personal Ledger Account ( PLA )
    • Excise Assessable Value (Report)
    • Excise Product wise Report
    • ER-1 Excise Return
    • ER-5 Excise Return
    • ER-6 Excise Return
    • Service Tax Part-I ( Record of CENVAT credit allowable on Input/Services )
    • Service Tax Part-II ( CENVAT credit utilized on Input/Services )
    • Destruction Approval Form
    • Rejection Memo Form
    • Cost Audit - Annexure II Report
    • Addition/Modification of CETSH
  • Management Reporting (MIS)
    • G.P. Analysis with Last year Comparisons
    • Monthly/Item/Finished Group Gross Profit Analysis: Parties, MR's, Routes, HQT., Date, Bill & Day wise
    • Costings and Quotations as per DPCO Act
    • Production Plannings
    • Wastage Analysis on all Batch/Product/Date, Item & In-process
    • Various types of Outstanding/Stock Ageing Analysist
    • Expenses/Budget & Debtors Dr/Cr Analysis
    • Financial Analysis (Expenses comparisons with Sales and G.P.'s)
    • Operator-wise Powers & Boundations and Log Book
  • Utilities
    • Easy New Financial year creation with automatic carry
    • balance to successive financial year
    • Carry balance from last year at any time
    • Error Checking & Re-posting of Data (Self Doctor)
    • Popup Calculator & User File on Tips
    • Shortcut Keys (Standard Narration)
    • Data Freezing
    • Sales, Purchase & Ledger wise data freezing
    • Self-Backup, FTP backup
    • Company wise data backup & Restore
    • Credit Bills & Amount limit with Stop Billing facility
    • Ledger, Item, Groups & HQT. Merge and many more utilities
    • Smart Vat Patch No Need to Update software
  • Securities
    • software / Operator/ Company Password
    • Operators wise Power & Boundations
    • Operator Log Book
    • Voucher History & Passing Authority
    • Special Powers & features for Supervisor
    • Data Security with Self Backup and Carbon Copy
  • Switch Over
    • Billing / voucher entry from any point
    • Purchase at the time of sales and vice-versa
    • Bill to bill to bill switch over for urgent customers
    • Any report at the time of billing / voucher entry e.g.
    • Overdues / ledgers/ inventory & financial reports
    • Hot keys for switch over from one report to another
    • Printing from anywhere
  • Company
    • Multiple Companies
    • Multi-Unit
    • Multiple Godowns
    • Multi-Currency
    • Multiple Financial Years
  • Flexibility
    • Flexible date format D/M/Y, M/D/Y, Y/M/D
    • Flexible currency symbol & Name
    • Flexible voucher numbering system
    • Flexible financial year beginning date & period
    • Delete financial year & Company with 2 Backup sets
    • Customization and self – formatting
    • Any Report in Text/Word & Excel Format
    • Email & SMS facility

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What is the need for computerization?

In today's scenario with the increasing inventory it is very difficult to keep a count of all stocks and accounts. It is also difficult to remember debtors and creditors and its outstanding's. Computerization is the only way to keep a track of inventory and accounting.

Will this help in stopping pilferage's?

When the staff comes to know that the store is computerized and the owner has all the knowledge of stocks and cash, the chances of pilferage's reduces drastically.The best example is when in a store sign board of "You are under CC TV surveillance" is mentioned then there are very few chances of people doing any mischief's. There is a general thought in owners mind that almost 3-4% stocks are pilfer aged, with the help of computerization this 3-4% can be saved.

Will computerization help increase my SALES?

Yes surely, with the help of computerization speed of billing increases by many folds and the customer now-a-days has more faith in computerized bill as the general thought is that if the bill is computerized then the rates and the products they are buying are genuine.

Why only Indian Comp Tech for my business?

Indian Comp Tech is an ISO 9001-2008 certified India's one of the most leading integrated software companies with trade specific software solution for Retailers, Distributors, Manufacturers, Supply Chain, Retail Chain & Erp.

Indian Comp Tech has 1500 setups to customize the software it according to your requirements.We have 6 Lacks plus satisfied customers with the help of our highly skilled global workforce consisting of 150 employees in head office and more than 1,500 service station employees in 586 cities of India with 370 exclusive support centers.

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Why you need a good Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Software?

Basic requirement of Computerization of a business is to cross check purchase, control exp/breakage, & reorder management More..

Why any pharma manufacturing needs a good inventory system

You have to manage your business before you sell it More..

Indian Comp Tech Accounting and Inventory Software is the backbone of any business

Once upon a time, maybe as back as the Indus Valley Civilization, people discovered that if they have excess quantities of one item, they can exchange it with excess quantities of another item with some More..