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Bill Audit Dispatch Management SystemNew

Indian Comp Tech software developed an advanced i.e. Bill Audit Dispatch Management System which will seek out many problems like- either the billed is printed or if printed then item/ items are packed or not or items are packed but yet not delivered. Sometimes bills get misplaced. So it helps in keeping the track of whole process so that you can stay alert to avoid all these odd happenings. Through this option you can keep the track the whole from processing to dispatch. Even you can keep the track on process with the help of color indication; it will indicate each process with different color. Even you can priorities your bill by giving remark on it or first delivered route and then it will get highlighted on bill audit window.

SMS Integration

In this module, there is a facility of direct SMS of Bulk SMS to Debtors, Creditors, Field Staff and any account group, Personal Directory, Excel List (software auto select Mobile Numbers from Excel Sheet), SMS Ledger Statement to Party, SMS Outstanding to Party/Field Staff and Mobile Identifier (Location Search). Even you can SMS bill detail to Party regarding New, Modify, New & Modify, Print or After L.R.No. Feeding, Item detail with Item Name / Item SMS Code (Short code), Party Balance with bill detail, Item detail / not delivered items / both.

Even you can SMS regarding Post Dated Cheque& Bank deposit reminder and also SMS Receipt or Payment thanks SMS to Party.Moreover you can also e-mail / SMS the report generated from the software.


In e-mail, there is facility to send Email through SMTP Like Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, Rediffmail, IBIBO well as to send e-mail through outlook. You can e-mail softcopy of invoice to the customer automatically for purchase import. You can e-mail party's ledger on single click and can e-mail any report to customer, field staff or any e-mail id. Moreover you can also e-mail / SMS the report generated from the software.

Purchase Import + My Order to Bill + Export in Self Format

This option is used to import purchase invoice from CSV, EXCEL, XML, DBF, TXT formats etc… Even you can define import method from CSV, EXCEL, XML, DBF, TXT formats etc… You can also define import data on the bases of Starting Line, Data Format, From Line, Starting and Ending string option during import method. After this option you don't have to feed manual purchase. It will save your time with 100% accuracy.

Online Indian Comp Tech Ordering (Per Salesman)

When salesman collect orders from shop to shop and generate bills from those orders. In this process lot of time gaps occurred and chances of errors are very high. But by the help of this add-on sales man can collect the order through laptop, tablet or mobile which will automatically get transferred to server and will convert into bill on a single click without any wastage of time.

Indian Comp Tech on NET (Wholesale version)

This is the mediator between supplier & customer, any customer can transfer their order to supplier by this mediator and supplier can generate bill on single click and re-transfer bill to customer and customer can import purchase on single click. All manual process & error chances will get reduced by this add-on.

Copy Protection (Data Lock Security)

If somebody took your backup and came to know about all your dealings, or if you already set all powers and boundations or upload your backup on some other drive and change your transaction details or you want the software run only on defined computer. So for these types of securities and control, Indian Comp Tech developed an add – on feature i.e. Copy Protection, so you can feel protected for your data.

ERP Bridger (Import Export Multiple bills in defined format)

If a distributor has more than one company and sometimes companies give their own software for billing. Now distributor has to do billing two times to maintain his accounts regarding same companies. Indian Comp Tech develop a feature i.e. ERP Bridger to get rid of this problem. By the help of ERP Bridger you can import data from any ERP or company or even you can export data to that company.

Cursor To Report

Sometimes, it is not possible to work in the available reports as you want to design reports according to your needs. So, in Indian Comp Tech you can carry your data in cursor and can design as well as save your reports. With this option you can save your data in TXT, CSV, DBF, EXCEL, XML formats.

SQL Query Executor

You can virtually prepare any report using SQL executor. For this you just need an adequate knowledge of SQL commands and their execution. In this you can create and save any no. of reports like TXT, DBF,CSV, EXCEL etc… even you format your reports by selecting Font name, size etc.. for each column by the help of cursor to report.

Report Designer + My Report .prg (Per Report)

In Indian Comp Tech there is 1000's of sales, purchase & MIS reports, after huge report collection we can't commit you that all your report requirements will fulfill through these readymade reports. In Indian Comp Tech , we had developed a report designer by which you can design your own reports as easy as you are typing in Ms-word. By this option 3rd party can also develop reports programmatically and can also run directly from ICT software.

Touch Screen Point of Sale (POS)

Touch screen is becoming the need of the businesses like Restaurant, Gift Shops etc. In Indian Comp Tech you can pop-up groups and there items with their photos in a desirable sequence. You can bill these items by touching on screen or by mouse click. In Indian Comp Tech there is a provision of virtual keyboard also. These popups and virtual keyboard can be adjusted according to computer resolution.

Multi Firm Billing

Some companies don't give agencies to the distributors who are dealing with their competitor companies. Then the distributor opens the agency on the name of any family member. Now a problem rises regarding billing when customer places an order of different agencies because distributor has to go in different companies for billing. So, ICT gives a solution in which you can do billing of different firms under same company but they will automatically save in their regarding firms and you can also print separately.

Self Define Fields

It is impossible to run each and every business on same pattern. Many times, customers require certain fields in items or bills to get data input according to their needs. Even sometimes customer demands for calculation on the bases of these fields like- In paper market, quantities can be generated automatically on the bases of grams, size etc… or there are some items in which some extra details are required like- color, size, model no., warrantee date, style etc…

Mortgage (Girvi)

This module has been made for users who are engaged in the business of mortgage (Girvi). User can define terms and conditions for the mortgage which he/she deals in. Basically, a user takes goods from a person on mortgage and gives him/her certain amount of money on interest for a specified duration.

In Indian Comp Tech, this add on provides complete solution to the requirements in mortgage (Girvi) business.

Out Patient Department (OPD/Reki)

This module has been made for small nursing homes or clinics where only out patients are looked after. Using OPD module, you can maintain complete details of Doctors and Patients like – maintenance of different doctor's schedule, prescription given to the patients etc… The major advantage of this module is that you can mould this according to your business eg- SPA, Health Club, Beauty Parlor, Gymnasium etc… All reports are available under one click. So, OPD eliminates the stress of maintaining records manually.

Chit Fund (Kitty/Committee)

This module has been specifically made for the customers who are engaged in the business of jewellery. Jewelers invite people to form a 'kitty' where they have to give certain amount of money through installments. After certain period of time (weeks or months), owner declares the name of a member from a draw. The drawee either gets a certain amount of money or jewellery of equivalent amount. Those who did not get a chance to feature in draw, get equivalent amount of jewellery.

This module covers all the basic requirements to run a kitty.

Daily Call Report (DCR)

This option is used for maintaining day to day working record of the salesman. In this you can maintain Daily Report, Party Visits, Next visits etc…

Crates Management

Sometimes Businessmen, Dealers or Stockists have to maintain stocks of containers, empty bottles or crates etc… apart from sales and purchase of goods. This add on provides complete solution to the requirements in maintenance of crates issue receive & balance available at our & customer end.

Bill of Material (BOM)

In ICT, various ways are implemented for the easy working of manufacturing and assembling. Issue/receipt is one of them. If you want to make many items from one item like- Rice from paddy for this reverse manufacturing option is available in Indian Comp Tech . Even direct manufacturing option is available through which you can maintain the stocks of raw materials used and automatically calculate the raw materials used in sold items.

Stock & Sales upload on NET

In last days of month, companies salesman waste customers valuable time just for stock & sales statement. It is very much time consuming job for customers. Through this add-on, on a single click customer can upload stocks and sales statement on the server with defined salesman's user id & password. With the help of these user id & password, Salesman can login and download stock & sales statement of their respective companies on any device like laptop, tablet, mobile etc.

Data Sync (Per Location)

If you want your data get synchronized automatically whenever internet connection is available. If you have multiple branches and you want to synchronize data from branch to head office or head office to branch. You can do this with the help of data synchronization.

Supply Chain Reports / Merge Reports for Corporate

Supply chain reports can consolidate all the data in one place. Company can see all the status of inventory & account, Sale, Purchase and outstanding

BI Tool / Data Export to SQL

Using this option you can export data from Indian Comp Tech to SQL then you can design reports, MIS graphs etc… as per requirement with the help of programmer or any report designer software which supports SQL.

Additional Self Designed Format (1 Free)

The first format in Indian Comp Tech is absolutely free. Sometimes customer required extra format for that payment has to be done.

Barcode Implementation

If you want to print barcode from Indian Comp Tech software, first time you have to setup printing as per your requirement. You can generate barcode on GS1, Serial, Shuffle or Composite and print on laser & barcode printers.

Item & Party Information from InternetNew

In Indian Comp Tech Software, there is an icon of internet explorer through which you can search information regarding Item, Party & Company etc…. For Example- If you click on internet explorer icon in ledger then you can get all the related information regarding that party. So just like same you can get all information related to particular item or company.

Categorize Items to Print Separately on BillNew

Indian Comp Tech Software has developed a provision in which you can categorize your items even you can print them on bill separately. For example- In Pharmacy Business, you can categorize the item as per their norms like costly items, general items, freezer items. Even you can print these categorized items on bill separately.

Color-Wise Differentiation of Items & PartiesNew

In Indian Comp Tech, you can set different color for a particular ledger, notes or item. With color, you can also set remarks. Suppose if you want to keep non-veg items separate from veg items then these should be indicated in red color and even items which are costly in purple color. Moreover you can differentiate parties by different colors like Top parties in green & worst parties in red.

Carry Balance

Carry Balance option is used when one financial will be complete and we need to transfer the balance in next financial year. During the process of financial year carry balance of Ledger/ Item will be transfer into the next financial year. During this process we have lots of option available so that as per the our requirements we can adjust the same.

Data Import & Export (Tally to Indian Comp Tech / Indian Comp Tech to Tally)

Indian Comp Tech Software have a unique feature to convert the Tally software data in Indian Comp Tech Software. ICT software data will also be converted into the Tally.

The main objective of this option is that if your CA is using the Tally Software and he wants the data of your firm in Tally software but you are using the Indian Comp Tech Software to maintain your Accounts & Inventory. So through this option you can generate the XML files and by using this XML files CA/ End user can easily import the Indian Comp Tech Software data in Tally Software.

Multi Unit Billing

Multi Unit billing is the process when we want to Sell / Purchase single item in more than one Unit.

Series Wise Biiling

Series option is used to categorize your transaction into the different series so that we can check your transaction report as per the defined series.


Conversion option is used to convert One item into different packings. Also this option is used to Generate one item by using multiple items.

Indian Comp Tech in Drop Box

Drop Box is an online space taken from any external server through which you can store your data and then you can access data from anywhere. You can also save your backups in it such as – Financial Year Backup, IMP Backup and Server Backup. Even you can directly install Indian Comp Tech in it. Data get automatically updated and these updation can be seen in drop box icon available at task bar. Many other online space are available such as – Google Drive, Sky Drive etc…..

Transactions Menu Configure

In this option, you can hide options which are not useful according to business. You can also rename some options of transaction menu such as – Sale, Purchase, Sale Order and Quotation. Eg- you can change the name of sale as sale invoice.

Fast Billing

Fast Billing Mode is used to increase the billing speed at the time of billing. You can switch to fast billing mode while working in normal mode by pressing ‘+ ‘key on item list. At the time of billing you can select multiple items and enter their quantities without exiting. Even you can see the list of products selected with their quantities by pressing F10 key. This option can be used only in sale, sale order, stock issue and purchase order.

Suggested Item Billing

Suggested Item is the most advance option in Indian Comp Tech software. In this option, you can suggest complimentary items with the main item to the customer. Eg. - With Rabies injection you can suggest other items like- Bandage, Cotton, Dettol Liquid, Extra Needles etc...


Dose is an advance option available in Indian Comp Tech Software. In dose option you can define Item Type in Item Master such as- Optical, Medicine and Remark. Optical type is for optics (lens) related information, Medicine type for medicine doses (Morning, Afternoon, Evening etc...) Related information and Remark type for remark or description of related item. At the time of billing, you can define item wise doses with special note and can also print these Information’s in sales bill.


In alternate option, you can define multiple Parameter/ Substitute/ Alternate in item master, then you can search item as per defined Parameter/Substitute/Alternate at the time of billing. These information’s can be seen on right side ( Dashboard) whenever you select any item.

It is mostly used by automobiles shops or who are selling same items with different names like- Part no./ Article No./ Design No./ Model etc….

Scheme on Group

In this option you can give scheme to your customer by making group of items on the basis of Quantity, Weight as well as Amount. Even in this option, you can priorities your group scheme on the basis of low priority.

Multi Secondary Stock

It is mostly used by automobiles shops or who are selling same items with different names like- Part no./ Article No./ Design No./ Model etc…

Change Operator Power

Operator power option is used to create new operator and assign them a power to use the options which are available in software.

Basically with the help of this option we can create the multiple users. This option is required when we are working on more than one user system, because at a time only one user can access the software so if other user who is also connected with LAN/WAN and want to acess the software simaltaneously then we need to create the users.

Once the users will be created then we need to assign them a powers and options which they can access to maintain the restriction on other options.

Dispatch Summary

Dispatch Summary option is used for generating report of daily working for various purpose.

Label Printing

Label printing are useful tools for those cusomers who are not using the Barcode printer and they wants to generate the Barcode or Label from there Laser printer.

Label is a kind of sticker which we can use for various purpose, Usually shopkeeper are using a Laser printer and they also want to generate the Barcode from Laser printer. So with the help of this option they can print there Invoice/ Reports/ Barcode, Stickers, Label etc. With same printer.

Bill Tagging

By the help of bill tagging option, you can generate collection list on the basis of Customer Wise, Area Wise, Route Wise, Salesman Wise, Group Wise and Day Wise etc... There is no need of manual entries as generated tagged bill list is given. Even you can load received payment on a single click.